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Why 95% of people fail at their online business

In my opinion, people fail at their online business because they do not take it seriously. They lack persistence and motivation, don’t believe in themselves or the business, and don’t do the necessary work. This is mainly why 95% of people fail online. The reasons of their failure are: – Wrong Mindset Many people get Read More →

Mindset Development And Maintenance by Les Brown

Mindset Development And Maintenance – Les BrownWatch this video on YouTube Les Brown is a great motivational speaker and his speech on “Mindset Development and Maintenance” is perfect for those who want to improve themselves in the new coming year. Expose yourself to positive messages everyday. Watch videos like these that will inspire you, motivate Read More →

Tony Robbins – Take Action and Get results.

Life Changing Motivational Video: How to take massive action and get massive resultsWatch this video on YouTube Tony Robbins is a well-known life coach and watching his videos can put you in the mindset you need to change your life. Changing your life can be as simple as quitting smoking. You just have to make Read More →

What Mindset do You Have for your Own Business?

Avoiding the “Money” mindset for your own business: In order to succeed in your own business online you have to have the correct mindset. Lots of people who are trying Internet marketing have only in mind the word “Money”. What about changing this to “providing good services”, “giving value” or “over delivering” to customers? If Read More →

Is Making Money on the Internet Possible?

Making money on the internet: Many people who are not familiar with the affiliate industry on the Internet believe that it is not possible to make money online. Some of these people have tried to join easy-getting-money programs in the past and they have been burnt. I am writing this post as a follow-up of Read More →