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Six Mindset & Self-Development Books I Recommend

If you are an entrepreneur like I am who wants to improve in life and business, you must read books that will help you get the proper mindset to achieve your goals. In the last past year and a half I have read 24 mindset & self-development books that have helped me progress in my Read More →

Do you Lack Self-Confidence?

Lack of self-confidence is what prevents you from moving forward and achieve your dreams.Fear prevents you from developing your self-confidence and this has to be fixed if you want to advance in life. Very successful people have one thing in common and that is self-confidence. Hopefully, there is a scientific method that can help you Read More →

Pills for Pessimists J. W. Wigelsworth

As I am reading Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules, I can’t help but to share this text with you. If you are someone who worries a lot for little things or anything, these “Pills for Pessimists” maybe just what you need to read to get rid of the habit. Pills for Pessimists by J. W. Wigelsworth Read More →

The Law of Success – Initiative and Leadership

The Law of Success

I am currently reading the “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons” by Napoleon Hill and lesson five is talking about Initiative and Leadership. This lesson is very interesting and shows you how you can avoid procrastination with initiative and leadership. If you have a job in a company and want to get a better position, you’d better Read More →

Napoleon Hill Laws of Success

Napoleon Hill Laws of Success Full LengthWatch this video on YouTube Visit Napoleon Hill laws of Success in this 2 hour long video where Napoleon shows you the way to success. There are sixteen lessons that every individual should be aware of in order to succeed in life. Success has a different meaning for everyone, but a Read More →