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Psychic Kids Children of the Paranormal

SEOPI investigates A&E Psychic KidsWatch this video on YouTube Today is Sunday and I have a serious cold, which prevents me for doing much work and forces me to stay on the coach and enjoy, between two naps, some entertainment. “Psychic Kids Children of the Paranormal” is a show I like to watch as I Read More →

Does Chi Energy Really Exist?

Chi energy: I came across this documentary on Youtube about a man in Java who practices meditation and releases his Chi energy from his body to heal people. The footage is amazing and with researchers examining the man and what he can do, we can only believe that what we see is true. REAL PROOF Read More →

Are Psychics Real or Scam Artists?

Are Psychics Real? There are many legitimate stories of mediums helping law enforcement solve murder or disappearance cases, or giving some peace to families who have lost someone. There are also bad apples who take advantage of others claiming they have abilities they do not have. You may ask yourself this question Are Psychics Real? Read More →

Sunday Entertainment with Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids show: That is the first time I watch a show with psychic kids and they are excellent. Nick and Anissa have some kind of coach to accompany them when investigating a place with paranormal activity. What they feel and see confirm the suspected paranormal activity. They are scared sometimes, but they learn to Read More →

Lisa Williams Medium – Tyler’s Apartment

Lisa Williams Medium: Lisa Williams Medium, my favorite psychic, is visiting Tyler’s apartment where strange things have been happening. Lisa sits down with Tyler who explains that the apartment has been empty for 17 years before he moved in 4 years ago. The postman at the time told him: “Oh, you are moving in the Read More →