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IFTTT can Help you Automate Web Tasks

I recently came across a service called IFTTT that can help you automate certain tasks on the web. This is done by connecting channels together through a formula “if This Then That”. For example, you can set “if I leave my office then text my wife” or “if I publish a blog post then post Read More →

Manage Posting of Status to Social Media Sites

It is quite difficult to find a service that can post and schedule your social media status to multiple social media accounts. I have tried a lot of free and paid services, and it seems that none can do a complete job on their own. Some can post a status from a blog’s RSS feed Read More →

UVioO – I Received my First Check

I have written a few posts about UVioO that is a “Make Money Online” program and wanted to reassure those who may think that they do not pay their members. I have been a member withUVioO for around 5 months and I have received payment from them. How UVioO Pays You? UVioO is a nice Read More →

Can Guest Blogging Still Help You Get Ranked?

Guest blogging is now the talk of the town since Matt Cutts said in a video and on his blog thatGuest blogging has been abused and that the Webspam team at Google will look into this. Matt Cutts: “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, Read More →

Get Better Visibility on Google Tips

Google's Matt Cutts | How to Get Better Visibility on GoogleWatch this video on YouTube In this video Matt Cutts give some tips on how to get better visibility on Google. His first tip is to think about what phrase people would use to search for your website and include it in the Titleand the Read More →