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Use Gravatar to Post and Comment

What Is Gravatar? First of all, what is an “avatar”? It is a little picture of yourself that appears next to your name when you interact with websites. You can see this little image in blog comments, forums and social media sites. In the past, you had to upload this “avatar” to each of the Read More →

Best Online PDF Converter for your Blog Posts

Convert your blog posts with this Free online PDF converter: As I was looking for a way to easily convert my blog posts to PDF without too much trouble, I found a very interesting tool. I was not so keen on opening all my posts one by one, copying the HTML to the word processor Read More →

Don’t Blog on WordPress.com!

Why you should not have your blog on WordPress.com: I see many bloggers who have developed very interesting blogs on the free platformWordPress.com. They have months after months written posts with beautiful photos and developed a readership. They can share their blog posts with their friends on FaceBook or family. All is good for them Read More →

IM FacePlate – Free Business Social Network Site

A Business social network site that you must use: In a previous post I wrote about a business social network site called Sokule, today I’d like to introduce you to another amazing tool for Internet marketers named IM FacePlate. This site enables you to brand yourself and connect with people in the Internet Marketing industry. Read More →

Organize your Online Presence with RebelMouse

RebelMouse – Another great Social Media tool: I came across RebelMouse accidentally when looking at my traffic statistics for my blog. I noticed that there was traffic coming to my blog from a site named RebelMouse.com, a little mouse icon was showing and I was intrigued. As I checked it out I immediately liked the Read More →