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Build your Online Presence Now with WordPress

Whatever business you are in, you absolutely need to build your online presence. Several years back, it was quite difficult and expensive to do that, but nowadays there are tools that can facilitate your online journey. When I started more than ten years ago, there were two options: the do it yourself or pay big Read More →

Membership Sites ~ Get Paid Online for your Expertise

More than a year ago, I started to look into membership sites and I even started to create several pages for it. Unfortunately, I never launched it as I pursued other online ventures. After reading a blog post, I decided to revive the project, which I called “IM Study Club“. Membership Sites ~ Get Paid Read More →

Start an Easy and Cheap PPC Campaign with TrafficAdventure

This past week I was busy testing a source of traffic that I didn’t know about, and which may help you get more visitors to your site. It is called “TrafficAdventure”. Click the image above or click here to visit TrafficAdventure. TrafficAdventure is a text ad PPC Network. Your text ad is displayed in their Read More →

Have you Had Success with FaceBook Ads?

FaceBook ads are a very cost effective way to generate traffic to your offers and get a good ROI. The problem is that it takes some time to learn how to set your ads, budget and bids to maximize the higher profit as possible. Success with FaceBook Ads In the video above, Charles Kirkland, an Read More →

What is the Heartbleed Bug?

I received half a dozen emails today about the heartbleed bug… “What is this?”, I asked myself. Is it a new phenomenon that dating couples have experienced lately? This triggered my curiosity so I read these emails and followed the links to their blog posts. The Heartbleed Bug The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability Read More →