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5 SEO Mistakes you Must Avoid

In my opinion, there are 5 major SEO mistakes that you must avoid at all cost if you want your website or blog to rank high in search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the Science of optimizing your site in different ways on-page and off-page so you get placed at the top of Read More →

How to download the Inner Circle audios?

If you are like me a member of the Empower Network’s Inner Circle, you must have been very frustrated to see that the download buttons have disappeared since the upgrade to ENV2. How to download the Inner Circle audios?, you ask yourself… As we are constantly told that listening to these audios during our downtime Read More →

Learn to Code and Change the World

Here is what the Richest and most Successful People In our World Have in Common.Watch this video on YouTube When I was in secondary school, I was shown different occupation possibilities in order to decide what I would like to learn and be in the future. I remember having an interest in information technology, but Read More →

How to Track your Leads with GetResponse

Do you know which traffic source is giving you the most leads or the best quality leads? If you don’t track your leads, you should start right now with a simple step in your auto-responder. As I am using GetResponse, I am going to show you how to track your leads with GetResponse. If you Read More →

Blog vs Website for your Online Presence

What is the difference between a blog and a website? A decade ago the Internet mostly had corporate websites made by web designers, Webmasters and programmers. The little guy like myself who wanted a presence online had to learn the ropes in order to be able to put a page online. This has changed considerably Read More →