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What’s the Deal with Google Webmasters Tools?

Google Webmasters Tools: I have neglected Google Webmasters Tools for a long time and as I have recently set it up for 3 of my blogs, I finally see the benefits of using it. Setting a website in Google Webmaster Tools will enable you to see what’s going on with your site in relation to Read More →

Modern SEO – 6 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Evolution to Modern SEO: SEO has evolved a great deal since I started 10 years ago. Today, with the last Google’s Penguin update, old SEO is obsolete. In some ways, the new Google algorithm makes more sense and some other ways it doesn’t. As this change happened recently, there are still on the internet outdated Read More →

5 Components to Succeed in your Online Business Opportunities

Online Business Opportunities – What you need! There are five important components you absolutely need to have in order to succeed in youronline business opportunities. I assume that you already have a product or service that sells well to promote. It can be your own product or an affiliate product.  The 5 components are: 1. Read More →

Online Video Streaming – Optimization Made Easy

Optimize your videos for online video streaming: Finding a suitable video hosting solution is one thing and having online video streaming working properly for your videos is another. I had lots of issues for my videos, either they loaded too slowly or streamed irregularly. I tried several video hosting solutions, bought software to make my Read More →

What Are Private Label Rights?

PLR or Private Label Rights: This morning I received an email from a top Internet Marketer I have been following for a while and bought products from. The email was titled “457 PLR Products for 1 Small Price” and as I trust this marketer who is always sending out good stuff, I checked out the Read More →