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Use Positive Thinking for Success

Positive thinking and success: Repeat out loud the word ‘success’ several times, and make an observation of how you feel. Depending on your mental and emotional composition, and on the vibe of the moment, there are two possibilities. You might become inspired, delighted and joyful, or brokenhearted, distressed and bitter. In the latter example, you Read More →

Are you Using your Power of Thought?

Use your power of thought to your advantage: Think of certain past events in your life and try to recall what combination of thoughts you often had, prior to a specific event happening. Try to find the link between your thoughts and the events. How many times did something happen in your life and you Read More →

Do You Know What Is Blogging?

What is blogging? Good question… As I am asked this question quite often I decided to write a blog post to answer it: What is blogging? Blogging is the action to write a post on a blog. Most of you already do this on a FaceBook account when you post on your wall except that Read More →

How to Find Your Purpose of Life

Find your purpose of life: Your life consists of just “going with the tide”, without any specific destination. You sometimes look at your life and wonder: “Is this all there is?” You haven’t found your your purpose of life yet. The pursuit of material things sometimes seem meaningless to you and you often feel as Read More →

Is Reincarnation Real?

Is Reincarnation Real or a Myth? There are many stories of young children of two or three years old having memories that don’t belong to them. At such a young age there is no way that they could have known so much details about their past lives. This is interesting and disturbing at the same Read More →