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Motivational video 2014

POTENTIAL – Motivational Video 2014 – Motivation for Athletes w/ Les Brown Eric Thomas Tony RobbinsWatch this video on YouTube Today, I came across this beautifully edited motivational video. Featured speakers in this video are Les Brown, T.D. Jakes, Eric Thomas, Steve Jobs, Kai Greene, Liam Neeson and Jim Rohn. We all need to be motivated Read More →

Share Videos and Make Money with UVioO

Share Videos with UVioO The other day I had someone commenting a FaceBook post I had on my wall with a motivational video by Steve Jobs. I was very intrigued because usually people do not comment with videos. I watch the video on UVioO of course, as I like Steve Jobs‘ motivational speeches. As I discover the site I learn that Read More →

Steve Jobs Inspirational Speech

Steve Jobs Inspirational Speech – “My vision of the world”: Steve Jobs is famous not only for his innovations in the computer world, but also his speeches. Today, I’d like to share with you one of his best inspirational speech about his vision of the world. Watch the inspirational speech below: Published on Mar 20, 2013 Read More →

Motivational Speeches by Four Famous Men

Motivational Speeches – Must see! We all need motivation to help us going forwards in our lives and businesses. I found this video on Youtube about motivational Speeches by Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mohammed Ali and Steve Jobs. What they say will surprise you, motivate you and inspire you. Watch the video now: Motivational Speeches Read More →

Why Did Steve Jobs Die?Why Did Steve Jobs Die?

Steve Jobs: Throughout most of his life Steve Jobs was considered a very healthy vegetarian person. It has been said that Steve Jobs acted foolishly in delaying a cancer surgery, which may have saved him. Steve Jobs and his family regreted this decision. Dr. John McDougall explains in this video that Steve Jobs decision has Read More →