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Learn to Use your Subconscious Mind Power

Most people don’t understand what the subconscious mind is and what they can do with it. They think that it is only a place for dreams and imagination. Unfortunately, we are not taught in school how we can use our subconscious mind power to live a better and happier life. This video explains very well Read More →

Are you Using your Power of Thought?

Use your power of thought to your advantage: Think of certain past events in your life and try to recall what combination of thoughts you often had, prior to a specific event happening. Try to find the link between your thoughts and the events. How many times did something happen in your life and you Read More →

Put your Subconscious Mind Power to Work for You

Use your subconscious mind power: Have you ever been told by your parents as a child that after a good night sleep all will get better? Our conscious mind is often asked to perform too many things to solve our problems when in the contrary our subconscious mind power is not solicited. The subconscious mind Read More →