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Where to find a USB Blue Microphone in Bangkok

If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for a decent USB microphone to plug into your Mac or PC. I have been searching for a month a reseller of the well-known Blue microphones in Bangkok and finally a surprise was waiting for me last evening… I chose at first the Snow Flake Read More →

How to Make Everyday and Life Changing Decisions

Decision making is something that we are not taught in school. That is the reason why it is so difficult sometimes to make a decision. A “Decision” is a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. When you have a choice and make a decision, you cut out one or several options to keep only one Read More →

A Wonderful Day at Farm ChokChai, Thailand.

We had a wonderful day at Farm ChokChai in Saraburi, Thailand. We took the opportunity of a long week-end due to religious holidays here in Thailand to travel to Saraburi located at around 150 kms of Bangkok. Hopefully, even if it is the rainy season, it didn’t rain on that day. We wanted Christina, our nearly Read More →

Cute Cool Kids Shop ~ Grand Opening on June 01, 2014.

It all started 3 years ago with an eCommerce site and a couple of metallic storage shelves in the house filled with a first batch of products. It is now not only a very successful eCommerce site, but also a real walk-in shop located at the Big C SaiMai in Bangkok, Thailand. Cute Cool Kids Read More →

Trip at the Beach with Friends, Rayong – Thailand.

We spent this last Friday and Saturday at the beach enjoying the beach, sea, sun and food. The trip from Bangkok to Rayong by car was about 2 hours and a half, there, we met altogether at a friend’s house. We then left in two cars to the resort an hour away. We swam the Read More →