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How to Share your Facebook Advertising Account with a Consultant

Facebook Advertising Account

If you have been doing your Facebook ads for a while and you don’t see any improvement in lowering your costs and positive results for your business maybe it’s time to hire a Consultant and share with him your Facebook Advertising Account. A good Consultant or Partner is a person that will create your Facebook ads, Read More →

Get My Book For FREE on AMAZON Kindle Stores ~ 3 Days Promo

You can get my book for FREE on Amazon on the 15, 16 and 17 December 2014. What book would you ask? If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I like to write tutorials on my blogs. I have taken this to the next level and have now two Read More →

Michel Gerard Online Now on WordPress

Michel Gerard Online

My blog “Michel Gerard Online” is now live on a self-hosted WordPress platform and I love the flexibility I have now to add the plugins I want to make it better. I started the blog in January 2013 on the Empower Network blogging platform and at the time, this was very easy to blog and Read More →

The Internet Marketing Study Club is Live

The “Internet Marketing Study Club” or “IM Study Club” is now live and you can register forFREE! This membership site has been a project of mine I put on hold two years ago when I decided to start blogging seriously instead. Now, with more than 600 posts on my three blogs, I though it was Read More →

Membership Site Coming Soon… What Do you Want to See?

I have been very busy the past week planning and starting to build my first membership site. Contrary to building a blog, there are many moving parts to take into account when creating a membership site… and it takes a lot of time. The most challenging is to plan a site structure, membership levels and Read More →