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How to Protect and Track Your Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are ugly! Affiliate marketing is the best method for Webmasters to monetize their website. They do not need to own the products, have inventory or even a website… This earning opportunity is made possible with the use of affiliate links containing a unique ID that can be tracked to yourself for receiving a Read More →

What Are the Best SEO Tactics for 2014?

Best SEO tactics: SEO is constantly evolving and as I am writing this article Google is making changes to their algorithm. Each time there is such a change, you can notice that the ranking of your site is getting worse and that your competition’s sites are winning in ranking without you understanding what’s going on. Read More →

Why You Should Use an Empower Network Blog

Empower Network Blog: Why do you think big corporations have blogs? They have blogs in addition to their corporate website to help promote their products, give news to their prospects and clients, and communicate with them. On a blog you can post your own articles, have guest articles and have your readers interact with you Read More →

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day: Today, 31st May, is World No Tobacco Day. This special world health awareness day was created by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987. Have you been able to stop smoking today? Will you be able to stop tomorrow? Published on May 31, 2013 We’re supporting World No Tobacco Day – Read More →

How to Get Leads with Solo Ads

Solo Ads: There are many ways on the Internet to get leads for your online business. Pay per Click, Pay per View, Youtube videos, FaceBook, Twitter are a few possibilities, but the one I prefer, and that has produced the best results for me each time is “Solo Ads”. Solo ads are email messages sent Read More →