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Why are “How To Do” sites so popular?

How to do: People search the Internet for many different reasons. Some use the Internet for communication: email, Skype, webcam conferences; others for socialization: FaceBook, Twitter and Hi5. It is also used for entertainment with sites like Youtube, business or education. But what all these surfers have in common is that at one time or Read More →

Creative Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic: There are many ways that people use to increase website traffic. Some ways are creative and cheap and some are very expensive. However, no matter the ways you use to increase the traffic to your website you need to ensure that the content you provide is helpful for everyone who visits the Read More →

About Empower Network’s blogging system – 30 days traffic results

About Empower Network: I have been blogging for a while everyday on my Empower Network blog. I have 46 posts on different topics that were published one a day. I set-up the Google Analytics account for the blog a month ago, so I can show only the 31 st last days of stats. The site has Read More →