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Should You Create a FaceBook Group?

A FaceBook group is a way for FaceBook users to get together in one place around a specific interest where everyone can interact. A FaceBook group can be for business or non-business related matters. Let’s talk today about non-business related groups. You may want for example create a FaceBook group for your family so everyone Read More →

Membership Site Coming Soon… What Do you Want to See?

I have been very busy the past week planning and starting to build my first membership site. Contrary to building a blog, there are many moving parts to take into account when creating a membership site… and it takes a lot of time. The most challenging is to plan a site structure, membership levels and Read More →

Membership Sites ~ Get Paid Online for your Expertise

More than a year ago, I started to look into membership sites and I even started to create several pages for it. Unfortunately, I never launched it as I pursued other online ventures. After reading a blog post, I decided to revive the project, which I called “IM Study Club“. Membership Sites ~ Get Paid Read More →

Seven Success Factors to Help you Become a Sales Superstar!

7 Success Factors That Will Help Make You a Sales Superstar!Watch this video on YouTube There are seven success factors that are practiced by all of the highest-paid salespeople. Application of these principles everyday will virtually guarantee your progress to the top in your field, enable you to achieve your career and financial goals. Seven Read More →

What Should you Post on your FaceBook Profile?

Are you using your FaceBook profile to promote your online business? If you do, what kind of content should you post on your FaceBook profile? There is content you should post, but there is also content you should not post on your wall. What content can you post on your FaceBook profile? Basically, never post Read More →