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Make Money Online Blogging with Michel Gerard

Make Money Online Blogging: There are many ways that people can make money online: niche sites, blogs, coupon sites, Adsense, etc… But there are 3 essential components that are needed in order to develop a full time Internet income. These 3 essential elements that all top marketers agree on are: – a blog – an Read More →

Why Did Steve Jobs Die?Why Did Steve Jobs Die?

Steve Jobs: Throughout most of his life Steve Jobs was considered a very healthy vegetarian person. It has been said that Steve Jobs acted foolishly in delaying a cancer surgery, which may have saved him. Steve Jobs and his family regreted this decision. Dr. John McDougall explains in this video that Steve Jobs decision has Read More →

The Shores Restaurant – Lisa Williams

The Shores Restaurant: A lot of strange things are going on in the The Shores Restaurant. The bartenders and patrons seem to be OK with it as they do not feel or see anything unusual, but the owners do. This is the reason why Lisa Williams has come to visit Mike and Judy to see Read More →

Adopt or foster abandoned baby ‘Chloe’!

Baby ‘Chloe’: Abandoned baby ’Chloe’ in Houston is all over the news.  The baby girl was found in a plastic bag by a woman walking her dog. This piece of news is very disturbing… How can parents, if this is the case, can abandon their child is such a way in the US? Screenshot of baby ’Chloe’ from Read More →

Egypt hot air balloon crash

Hot Air Balloon: As I turn up to the news I can’t help but write a post on this tragedy. An Egypt hot air balloon has just crashed killing 19 tourists from China, Japan, France and England. A hot air balloon carrying 20 tourists crashed in the Egyptian town of Luxor Photo: Alamy An official told the Read More →