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Child Car Seat Safety for Christina

Child car seat safety: I take my child’s safety very seriously when traveling in a car.   My daughter Christina has been trained since birth to travel in a rear-facing car seat. As some parents have difficulty to have their little one sit in their child car seat, we do not have any issues. When it is Read More →

Black people look younger, like 1/3 of their age!

Look Younger Do black people look younger than caucasians? It seems that the guys in this video confirm this. I swear black people look like 1/3 of their age, my dad looked like he wad 50 when he was 28. How can she have an 18 year old son? Did you have him when you Read More →

What does a Capture Page do?

Capture Page: All very successful Internet marketers agree. What you really need to make money online is acapture page, a sale page and an auto-responder. Chris Farrell at Chris Farrell Membership built his web business this way and teaches is members how to use a single webpage to make money online. David Sharpe from the Read More →

Lisa Williams – Joanna’s Reading

Lisa Williams: That’s the second post I write about Lisa Williams. Today that’s Joanna’s reading. Enjoy! Each time I watch one of Lisa’s video I am amazed, inspired and moved… Are you? Other Post about Lisa Williams: Lisa Williams – Pamela and William’s Reading

Science Of Persuasion

Science Of Persuasion: I came across this video about the Science Of Persuasion on Youtube. This is an animation that explains in details how people can be persuaded to do certain things in an effective way. Animation describing the Universal Principles of Persuasion based on the research of Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology Read More →