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My First Day Customizing the Blog Beast

The Blog Beast is Fantastic! I am excited like a kid on Christmas day playing around with ENV2 or the “Blog Beast” just released to us, Empower Network customers. This is a fantastic platform and very easy to customize and use. I have changed the color of my blog background, post background, fonts and links, and Read More →

What is the Best Blogging Platform?

Best blogging platform: “Blog Beast”: There are several blogging systems on the Internet that you can install on your own server or directly use online. WordPress is the most popular platform because it has lots of themes and plugins available for the end-user. I really considered WordPress the best blogging platform until now with the Read More →

Don’t Blog on WordPress.com!

Why you should not have your blog on WordPress.com: I see many bloggers who have developed very interesting blogs on the free platformWordPress.com. They have months after months written posts with beautiful photos and developed a readership. They can share their blog posts with their friends on FaceBook or family. All is good for them Read More →

Organize your Online Presence with RebelMouse

RebelMouse – Another great Social Media tool: I came across RebelMouse accidentally when looking at my traffic statistics for my blog. I noticed that there was traffic coming to my blog from a site named RebelMouse.com, a little mouse icon was showing and I was intrigued. As I checked it out I immediately liked the Read More →

Even Children can Write a Blog!

Adults and children alike can write a blog: Not long ago there were no blogs, just websites, and if we go back in time even further, no Internet. Can you imagine the world of today without the Internet? It used to be the privilege of a few geeks to be able to go online, thanks Read More →