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What’s the Deal with Google Webmasters Tools?

Google Webmasters Tools: I have neglected Google Webmasters Tools for a long time and as I have recently set it up for 3 of my blogs, I finally see the benefits of using it. Setting a website in Google Webmaster Tools will enable you to see what’s going on with your site in relation to Read More →

What Are Private Label Rights?

PLR or Private Label Rights: This morning I received an email from a top Internet Marketer I have been following for a while and bought products from. The email was titled “457 PLR Products for 1 Small Price” and as I trust this marketer who is always sending out good stuff, I checked out the Read More →

Does Your Association Have a Web Blog?

Web Blog for Associations: Does your association have a web blog? Most of us have been members of non-profit associations such as sport, cultural or charity associations. How many of them have an online presence? Surely not every association have their own web blog to show what they are doing and recruit new members. A Read More →

Why You Should Use an Empower Network Blog

Empower Network Blog: Why do you think big corporations have blogs? They have blogs in addition to their corporate website to help promote their products, give news to their prospects and clients, and communicate with them. On a blog you can post your own articles, have guest articles and have your readers interact with you Read More →

How to Create a Blog in HTML

Create a Blog in HTML: When I started blogging on the Empower Network blogging system I always used the “Visual” tab when creating a post or a page, but as I acquired the skill of writing I have been using the “text” tab in the WordPress back office. It is in fact quite easy when you Read More →