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How to Optimize your Blog’s SEO Score

SEO Score: There are on the web many good bloggers writing very interesting posts on various topics. Do most of these bloggers SEO optimize each post for one keyword? The answer is no. I myself used to write blog posts without taking simple steps that could make my post rank higher and get more traffic. Read More →

Make Money Online Blogging with Michel Gerard

Make Money Online Blogging: There are many ways that people can make money online: niche sites, blogs, coupon sites, Adsense, etc… But there are 3 essential components that are needed in order to develop a full time Internet income. These 3 essential elements that all top marketers agree on are: – a blog – an Read More →

Creating content on an authority blog for Free Traffic

Authority blog: Creating content is the best way to get Free traffic. In order for this strategy to work you have to create content everyday. Having an authority blog is for that effect the best solution. The most difficult part is to get started. This might be intimidating for some, and you may be tempted Read More →