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Amazing Costa Rica Attractions

Costa Rica Attractions: I just came across a video on Youtube showing one of the most amazing Costa Rica attractions. 300 giant stone spheres were discovered and nobody knows where they come from, how they were made. The mysterious spheres of different sizes are everywhere, the jungle, the beach, in parks and museums.. Published on Read More →

How to Get Leads with Solo Ads

Solo Ads: There are many ways on the Internet to get leads for your online business. Pay per Click, Pay per View, Youtube videos, FaceBook, Twitter are a few possibilities, but the one I prefer, and that has produced the best results for me each time is “Solo Ads”. Solo ads are email messages sent Read More →

Why are “How To Do” sites so popular?

How to do: People search the Internet for many different reasons. Some use the Internet for communication: email, Skype, webcam conferences; others for socialization: FaceBook, Twitter and Hi5. It is also used for entertainment with sites like Youtube, business or education. But what all these surfers have in common is that at one time or Read More →

Extraterrestrial Life – DNA Proof of 6″ Tall ET

Extraterrestrial Life: Extraterrestrials are always presented like grey beings with a large head and big eyes. They are usually as tall as humans. This video about Extraterrestrial Life on Youtube caught my attention. The ET shown in the video is only 6″ tall! Watch the video: Published on Apr 9, 2013 Six inch Tall Humanoid/ET? believed to Read More →

Homeless Man wins $50,000 Lottery Jackpot

Lottery Jackpot: An homeless man got lucky and won a Lottery Jackpot. He said he knew that God had a plan for him. He won’t change anything to his lifestyle except buying a new tent and help a few friends. Inspiring… Published on Apr 4, 2013 BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (KABC) — A homeless man in Illinois is Read More →