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Why UFOs and Alien Technology are Covered Up

Alien Technology: As I am surfing Youtube for some entertainment I came across this very interesting interview of Dr. Steven Greer about Alien Technology and UFOs being covered up. This is fascinating… To see full interview got to; https://www.youtube.com/user/NewParadi… In this interview for New Paradigm Films, Dr. Steven Greer explains why the presence of UFOs, and Read More →

How to work online and succeed?

Work Online: Ninety-five percent of people trying to make money online fail. Only 5% make money with 2% being the top earners. Why is that? The answer is in the way these people treat their activities online and their state of mind. I you work online as a hobby, nothing real will happen except a Read More →

How to Optimize your Blog’s SEO Score

SEO Score: There are on the web many good bloggers writing very interesting posts on various topics. Do most of these bloggers SEO optimize each post for one keyword? The answer is no. I myself used to write blog posts without taking simple steps that could make my post rank higher and get more traffic. Read More →

Sleeping Baby Shot In Head

Baby Shot In Head: This is a very disturbing piece of news. A woman was taking a walk with her baby in a stroller when she was approached by 2 under 18 black boys who asked her for money. She didn’t have any money so they shot her in the leg and her baby shot in head. Read More →

What Is Being Autistic?

What Is Being Autistic? For those who wonder what is being autistic like, autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. The diagnostic criteria require that symptoms become apparent before a child is three years old. Autism affects information processing in the brain Read More →