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Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis

Pope Francis: Just learned that we have a new pope. As many people, I was expecting a younger pope, maybe from African origins… The church is not ready for this yet, and instead they chose Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from the Americas who will be called Pope Francis. Published on Mar 13, 2013 Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio, elected the Read More →

Why Did Steve Jobs Die?Why Did Steve Jobs Die?

Steve Jobs: Throughout most of his life Steve Jobs was considered a very healthy vegetarian person. It has been said that Steve Jobs acted foolishly in delaying a cancer surgery, which may have saved him. Steve Jobs and his family regreted this decision. Dr. John McDougall explains in this video that Steve Jobs decision has Read More →

Kid born with HIV cured by US doctors

HIV Cured: Finally some breakthrough in the treatment of HIV. American doctors have successfully treated a toddler who is now HIV cured. The infant got HIV at birth and it is the first time the decease is cured. This is real hope for HIV patients. US doctors have managed the effective cure of a child born Read More →

Benedict the XVI goes into retirement

Benedict the XVI: Pope Benedict the XVI goes into retirement. This is the first time in 700 hundred years that a pope resigns… I personally think that it is good to be able to tell the pope goodbye. Why should a pope work until death when most of the people retire at 60 or 65? BENEDICT the XVI Read More →

Clairvoyant Reading – Lisa Williams

Clairvoyant Reading: Do you believe in Clairvoyant Reading? I used to be very skeptical of people claiming having clairvoyance abilities, but what you can see in many of these famous clairvoyants’ shows can be very disturbing. Often, the clairvoyant or medium doesn’t have a way to know certain things about a deceased. I am particularly stunned Read More →