Get to know @TeamSteem on Steemit – Interview by Jerry Banfield


Today, I’d like to share with you an interview that Jerry Banfield did with Guillaume Cardinal or @TeamSteem on Steemit, who is an early author on the platform and shares with us his thoughts about cryptocurrency, Steem and money in general.

@TeamSteem interview with Jerry Banfield

Get to know @TeamSteem on Steemit – Interview by Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield is a top author on Steemit and from time to time he interviews other authors on the platform. This interview is with @TeamSteem who has a year and a half experience on Steemit and who shares with us how he started full-time on Steemit. 

If you don’t know what Steemit is, it is a social media site or a blogging site based on the cryptocurrency Steem. Writing articles, commenting and upvoting on them are some of the ways that you can earn Steem or Steem Dollars, which you can then exchange to USD or any other currency. Steem is a cryptocurrency that has more transactions in a month than Bitcoin and Ethereum together.

Back to the interview, @TeamSteem is a Canadian from Montreal and practices the non-aggression principle towards all sentient beings. He started in May 2016 on Steemit and you can read his post to know a bit more about him: Guillaume Cardinal

He explained to Jerry how he started his journey in self-development listening to 40 hours of audio per week when working at a slaughter house and being himself a vegan. As he started writing very in depth posts, he earned a lot of followers upvoting all of his posts and became quite a pillar on Steemit.

With his success comes a lot of responsibilities because he has enough Steem Power to give a $150--200 upvote to any of your posts at full voting power, and this translates into around $2,000 that he can give away with his votes.

Guillaume is also a top Witness on Steem and his servers contribute to have Steem run smoothly on the blockchain. After watching the interview, I can say that @TeamSteem is someone with a big heart who would like to see a better world for everyone.

Jerry Banfield has made two blog posts from the interview that I encourage you to read.

I also encourage you to watch the interview on YouTube.

@teamsteem Interview: Steem’s All In Author, Curator, and Witness!

@teamsteem Interview: Steem's All In Author, Curator, and Witness!

Published on Feb 22, 2018

Will we open our hearts for @TeamSteem or Guillaume Cardinal because I love him and he’s helped me out so much on Steem? He’s got the same vision for the world as I do and we have collaborated on Steem since I first joined. He’s here today to talk with us about cryptocurrencies and help us see how he’s doing Steem full-time.

This is Jerry Banfield’s Steemit blog:

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