Thailand International Soccer 7s Tournaments


Today I’d like to introduce to you the Thailand International Soccer 7s tournaments.

From the website

The philosophy of the Thailand International Soccer 7s is to combine “Sport and Leisure” for all people from any country through friendship seven-a-side tournaments.

These tournaments are invitation tournaments that provides a socially competitive environment for players who approach the game with the right attitude and in the right spirit. With no prize money at stake, teams take part for one reason only, their love of soccer.

Each competition attracts about 16 to 80 teams from all over the world and has become a major attraction in Asia for expatriate football players. Teams are not only coming from Asian countries, but also from Australia, Middle-East, America and Europe.

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There is also a photo gallery that contains thousands of soccer 7s tournaments photographs, check it out.

Thailand Soccer 7s Photo Gallery – View all the photos taken during the International Soccer 7s tournaments held in Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok: captains briefing, teams, games, winners and night parties…

Soccer 7s Tournaments

Soccer 7s Tournaments 2013

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