The Blog Beast & the Empower Network – Amazing Launch


That’s the first time I participate in the launch of a program as an affiliate and the Blog Beastlaunch is amazing. It is a lot of fun… the movie is very original and I can imagine that the participants and film crew had a lot of fun too.

I am no longer promoting the Empower Network 's products and business opportunity! Click here to know more.


As a customer of the Empower Network, I have used the viral blogging platform everyday since day 1 I signed-up. I am privileged to have been grandfathered into the new platform “The Blog Beast”. It is so much better, very easy to use, with the ability to re-blog someone else’s post as I am doing now and interact in “badassing” and posting comments.

The Blog Beast is going to be available soon: WATCH MOVIE NOW



 With the launch our new “Blog Beast” platform right around the corner, our company our leadership and our affiliates are more excited than ever to bring a game-changing product to the market place, jam-packed with the power of our community and our amazing people.

The time to step into your power is: NOWDo it. Unleash your inner BeastMode, and let’s lock arms and change the world — one person at a time.

Special thanks to all those who have supported this amazing launch, the tireless work our team has put in to make this all happen, and the support of our affiliates and leadership who are best in class and second to none! If you asked them though – they’d say “it’s all worth is, because of the people’s lives it impacts positively”… and they’re right.

Join us. Let’s rock this. The Blog Beast launches Friday October 18th, 2013!

Dave Sharpe

“Co-Founder of Empower Network”

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