The Chippendoubles – Britain’s Got Talent


The Chippendoubles - Britain's Got Talent 2010 - Auditions Week 4

This Saturday I have been very busy all day going to different places for things I needed to be done. Bangkok traffic is terrible in some areas and instead of taking a couple of hours, it took most of the day. Wondering what I was about to blog about today I surfed to Youtube and found a very amazing act by the Chippendoubles.

The Chippendoubles were put together for Britain’s Got Talent 2010 to give lookalikes a unique stage performance. The Lookalikes within the group are all professionals and are entertainers in their own right and have extensive experience in the industry. Many of them also posses the similar skills and sound like the Celebrities they portray.
(From their website)

I hope you will be entertained.

Michel Gerard

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