The Shores Restaurant – Lisa Williams


The Shores Restaurant:

A lot of strange things are going on in the The Shores Restaurant. The bartenders and patrons seem to be OK with it as they do not feel or see anything unusual, but the owners do. This is the reason why Lisa Williams has come to visit Mike and Judy to see if there is any paranormal activity in the place.

A male energy is picking up… in the restaurant, and he is a bit frightened by Mike. In fact he is a bit angry at Mike.

Lisa found out that someone who committed suicide is connected to the place. A bartender hung himself in his boat and as he had happy times when he was working at the bar he is attached to it. He is jealous of Mike working at the bar and this explains the cold chills he gets frequently.

Lisa wants now the spirit to show that he is here and asks him to turn off something electrical… and then the TV monitor goes off, it has never gone off in the past… and a rapid clickety sound is coming out from it, and stops. Very freaky! The good news is that the spirit means no harm.

Lisa and Judy decide to go to The Shores Restaurant‘s office and watch if there is any paranormal activity through a monitor displaying CCTV images of the bar. Mike is staying at the bar for this experience and the light is turned off. While Lisa is in front the monitor she asks the spirit to show her some energy and it is what he does… a kind of strange light crosses the bar area now, it can be seen clearly on the monitor.

That is incredible to see this spiritual energy, watch the video.

The Shores Restaurant

And finally Mike and Judy do not want to get rid of their friendly ghost at The Shores Restaurant.

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