The Stan Romanek Story


The Stan Romanek Story - Messages - Full UFO Contact Documentary

Do you believe in UFOs and the little grey men? Do you believe that people have been abducted and returned with implants in their bodies? If you are a skeptic, a believer or in between, you won’t be able to say there is not something after knowing the story of Stan Romanek.

I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes, would you?

This is what the descriptions of the video says in Youtube:

Messages: The Stan Romanek Story – We are not alone and Stan Romanek can prove it. From his first sighting of a UFO to chilling alien abductions, Romanek relives his personal journey as a conduit of extraterrestrial contact. But what’s most shocking are the strange messages these unearthly visitors communicate to Romanek – authentic equations relating to space travel and planetary diagrams pinpointing what could be an auspicious date for the human race.

If you are interested by Stan Romanek story and see more on his case, his best selling books, videos, photos and documentation, visit his website:

See Stan Romanek’s books.


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