Would you Like to Learn How to Time Travel?


Would you like to learn how to time travel because if you do, then the YouTube video in this post will be very useful for you? Would you Like to Learn How to Time Travel? If you are wondering if time travel is real, maybe this post, the YouTube video, and the Uthena course that goes with it will show you that it is.

Would you Like to Learn How to Time Travel?

In today’s video Jerry Banfield explains how you can travel to the past as far as the Big Bang and to the future as far as you want to. You can travel back in time to your own life or you can go to past lives and Jerry will tell you how to do that yourself or with the help of an hypnotherapist. When Jerry discovered time travel, it helped him tremendously in his present life now and this can help you too. Would you Like to Learn How to Time Travel? This video is a preview of the course Time Travel for Beginners on Uthena. If you like this video, I am confident that you will love the course. The first thing that Jerry will do in this video is to deconstruct your idea of what time travel should be as this might prevent you from doing time travel effectively. After these blocks are removed, then you will learn how you can time travel and Jerry will show you exactly how it works. Going to the future allows you to get huge wisdom and bring that back to the present moment, while going to the past allows you to bring back massive gratitude to the present moment. Would you Like to Learn How to Time Travel? Some of the topics covered in this time travel preview video:

  • Welcome to time travel for beginners!
  • A commitment to using our time travel powers only for good.
  • Fantasy, imagination, time travel, and the nature of reality.
  • Hypnotherapy can help focus the mind and enable the jump.
  • Let’s travel to the past together!
  • Myth #1! Time travel requires something outside of us.
  • Myth #2! Lack of existing experience.

As you go through the video, you will find how time travel can be fun: “How fun it looks to jump back in this teenager’s body with this mind and see all these beautiful girls at school and not having fear to ask them out!” You will learn how our consciousness is separated from our brain and body, and can enable us to experience memories in past lives before our present incarnation. Would you Like to Learn How to Time Travel? If you like near-death experience stories or have fear of death, I think that you will enjoy watching this preview video like I did. Finally, Jerry explains his first experience with hypnotherapy and how he regressed in a past life as a German soldier during World War II. Without any more talking, I invite you to watch the “Time Travel for Beginners” video right now, and I will see you in the future!

Time Travel for Beginners

Time Travel for Beginners

Are you ready to learn how to travel back in time to as far back as the founding of the universe and as far forward as the opposite? That’s what you’ll learn from this Time Travel for Beginners course preview! Visit https://jerry.tips/timetravel to take the complete course and master the skill of traveling through time with me!

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