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What can I do with Prosper 202?

Did you post adverts on different classified sites and do not know where the clicks come from? Do you have leads you don’t know from which paid campaign they come from? In both cases, you need to start using Prosper 202 so you know exactly where the traffic and leads are coming from.

Prosper 202 is an online tracking software that will tell you everything you need to know about your traffic and conversion. It is not a traffic analytic tool like Google Analytics, but a tool that tells you which campaigns make you money and which ones don’t. You can then drop the campaigns that do not perform and scale up those that do.

If you have been posting ads in free classifieds for example, with Prosper 202 you can tell which classified sites give you results and those that don’t. There is no point spending time continuing posting to sites that do not produce visitors and leads and there is no point paying for traffic that do not perform. It can also tell you if your paid traffic is bogus or legitimate…

What people usually do is use a link shortener like with a link for each ad. I explained in another post how I do that with a self-hosted software at where I control all my links. This is great to track clicks and make links shorter, but it gives no indication of conversion. It is why I am using both Prosper 202 and Yourls. The first one tracks clicks and leads while the second shorten the tracking link and give rough indication of the number of clicks received.

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Let’s go to back to Prosper 202. It is an outstanding software that you absolutely need to have. And the best part is that it’s free. You download the software and install it on your server. You need a domain name, or a sub-domain, and hosting. If you are doing Internet marketing I guess you already have these. There is a paid version called Tracking202 run on a click server, but the free version Prosper 202 is as good to start with.

You can download it here: Download Prosper 202

Spy View in Prosper 202

In order to have Prosper 202 works for you, you will have to go through a simple setting that can be intimidating at first, but worth to go through. There are many videos on Youtube showing how to set-up the software and I may make one some day. Watch them and go through the installation and set-up. When you have the hang of it it will be fun.

Basically, during set-up, you tell what your traffic sources are, what your affiliate network is, what landing pages and ads you use.

Then there are 3 steps:

1. You copy and past a code into your landing page to track visits.
2. You copy and paste another code into your Thank You page to track conversion.
3. You generate a tracking URL to use for your ads to track the traffic source.

And this is how it looks like in SPY view, a feature that enables you to see traffic as it arrives to your site.

Prosper 202

Each visitor is assigned a Subid, a date and time of entry. You can see which browser, and Operating System is used and the IP. You can immediately spot bogus traffic coming from the same IP or same computer. You can see the Referer, the landing page used, the text ad and if you click the little buttons you will know even more.

The next screen shot is how you see conversion.

Prosper 202

A little “$” sign shows me that I have a lead and where it is coming from. I know then that the traffic source not only brings me clicks, but also Leads. I could also track sales.

What is great about Prosper 202 is that it motivates you and track your success. Without it, it is like shooting in the dark and guessing. With it you can see exactly what’s happening to your marketing and you can discover that something you though was not working in fact works.

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