Travelling to France with KLM this April


As I was looking for a flight Bangkok – Lyon for this April, I searched the Internet for the best deal. I didn’t want to buy the cheapest flight with 2 transits and 24 hours of travel. I’ am travelling with my wife and baby girl, Christina; and the flight has to be as convenient as possible.

Two years ago, we travelled with Emirate Airline, which is a fantastic Airline, and we were very happy of our trip with them. As I checked their prices, I realized that the flight to Paris was expensive and we had to pay even more to reach Lyon, or take the train. So, I decided to see if they were other options.


I found that KLM – Royal Dutch Airline had quite very reasonable fares on selected dates and decided to have a go with them. I have never travelled with KLM in the past, but reading some good reviews convinced me to book my tickets. As I was flexible on the departure and return dates, I was able to secure my tickets for $3,360 for 2 adults and a child.

What I liked with the online booking process is that they have many options to pay for the tickets. You may pay with a credit card, debit card, in cash in one of their branches, or via a bank transfer to their Thai Military Bank account. I chose the latest as the charge to my credit card would have been a bit too heavy.

KLM - Royal Dutch Airline

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