Two Amazing Reincarnation Stories


Reincarnation Stories:

One of the biggest question of life: what’s happen when it’s over? Even, hell, nothing… or might there be a fourth possibility “Reincarnation”. Could we come back as someone else? I personally believe that there is a spiritual life after death and that spirits exist and are present with us in our daily lives.

I do not want to believe in the possibility of reincarnation as the idea to have to come back and redo everything from the start is not so appealing. In addition a reincarnation may give you a better life, but also a life maybe more difficult and as a person you do not want to be… Or are we given the choice to reincarnate or not and if so, can we chose our new body?

There are many reincarnation stories that are quite astonishing. This first story is about a toddler who can remember events of a past life as a war pilot being shot down by Japanese.

If you have ever felt skeptical about the existence of a soul within any living body type that uses the body as a suit or costume to continuously interact within this reality for as many times necessary until the soul reaches the stage of spiritual evolution or awakening and graduates, this video, is only one of many that comes highly recommended.

Reincarnation Stories

Reincarnation Of Marilyn Monroe. Some people believe that this woman in the video is Marilyn Monroe. Enjoy!

In cases of reincarnation, the person will look like their former selves regardless of fat or hair color. See Sherri and Marilyn as younger gals.

I hope you enjoyed watching these two reincarnation stories.

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