Two Key Success Factors You Must Have


Key Success Factors – Persistence and Motivation:

Persistence is the key to success. If you really want to achieve something in life you need to be persistent. Have you ever experienced small victories being persistent? This might have happened when being persistent in exercising to lose weight, learning a subject you hate at school, or asking out the girl of your dreams…

Key Success Factors

Most of the time, it is difficult to be persistent as results do not show immediately. So, the second thing to have is motivation. Without, it is very difficult or even impossible to be persistent.

In order to motivate yourself you have toconstantly remind yourself the benefits you will get in achieving what you want.

You absolutely needs to have these two key success factors.

Key Success Factors – Persistence and Motivation:

Let’s see in details what are these two key success factors.


These are a few ideas on how you can stay motivated:

– Write on a sheet of paper what you want to achieve and the benefits you will receive.

– Read this note first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

– Be positive, do not complain and have faith.

– Visualize yourself in the future having achieved what you are working on.

– Join a group of people whop have the same goal you have.

– Subscribe to a Newsletter giving you daily motivational messages.

– Help someone else to be motivated, this will help you too.

– Watch motivational videos by well-known life coaches like Bob Proctor, Les Brown and Tony Robbins.

Motivation is one of the two very important key success factors.


In order to be persistent in doing something for the purpose of achieving a goal, you have to create new habits. A habit is something you can do automatically without thinking everyday. Everyone has good and bad habits in life and the trick is to create habits that will serve your purpose.

“How can I create a habit?” you may ask. Well, it is quiet easy in fact. If you persistently do something everyday for a period of 28 days, it will become a habit. It is how bad habits are created and it is how you can create good habits for yourself. After this period of 28 days has passed, you will continue to do the thing without resistance or difficulty, just like brushing your teeth.

If you miss a day when you are creating this new habit, you will have to start the process again at day 1. It is how this works. Persistence creates habits and habits help you to be persistent.

Persistence is the most important of the two key success factors.

I do not have really bad habits like smoking or drinking, but since January 2013 I have started to develop good habits that can help me in my business:

– I read inspirational books 30 minutes a day.

– I listen to inspirational audio 1 hour per day. (This can be easily done during your down time when you are doing something else not demanding to much brain power)

– I write an article everyday and post it on my Empower Network viral blog. I haven’t failed a single day so far, even when being on a plane or sick.

– I promote my content and market my business everyday, and it is pretty much automatically done.

– I learn new marketing strategies everyday through reading blog posts or watching videos.

This seems to be a lot of things to do in a day, but if you can organize your day to include these, it is feasible.

The persistence of doing all these activities has already shown results as I am better in my mind and financially than I was before I started.

Don’t forget! Persistence and motivation are the key success factors you need to have to succeed.

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