Two Tracking Tools to Track your Links in Emails


Tracking tools – Prosper 202 and ViralURL:

How do I track my links in emails? I use two free tracking tools. The first one is Prosper 202, which is a software that I have installed on one of my domains, and the second is, a website that enables you to shorten, cloak and track your links.

First of all, let me insist on the fact that tracking your links for your traffic sources is very important. Not doing it is like shooting in the dark. You will never know what is working and what is not. When you are promoting a product, a business opportunity or simply your blog, you are spending either time or money. Tracking tools can help you see clearly what you have to stop or continue doing.

Tracking tools: Prosper 202

Prosper 202 has been around for a long time and is quiet easy to use, but there is a learning curve. You will have to watch a few videos to see how to install it correctly on your server and understand how it works. After a little practice, you will be an expert. If you do not want to install it, there is a paid version called “Tracking 202″, which is a bit more advanced.

tracking tools

What I like with Prosper 202 is its flexibility. You can track almost everything and you can see on the “Spy” view what’s happening in real time. It is not an analytic software and it won’t show you all details about your visitors, it is just a conversion tracking software. Prosper 202 is one of the best tracking tools available.

The only problem with Prosper 202 is that the tracking links are long and ugly.

tracking tools
Click the image above to see where it goes.

This is not a problem for PPC or display advertising, but it is in emails as sometimes email clients screw-up with long links, especially in text mode. Also, people do not like to click on long and ugly links. It is why you need to use a link shortener like ViralURL in addition to your tracking tools.


Tracking tools: ViralURL

Tracking and shortening links with ViralURL is easy. I have started a while back to use this tool for my Safelists marketing emails and I love it. Not only it lets you create short links in 4 versions, but you can also track conversion. If you do not want to go through the trouble installing and learning Prosper 202, you can just use ViralURL.

Create short and cloaked links

1. Go to the top menu and click “Add Links”.

tracking tools

2. Enter your long tracking link or affiliate link and select the options you want. Then click “Add URL”

tracking tools

– The keyword section is the text you want to show in the link. In this example I chose “myBlogPost”.  If you leave it blank, it will give you a set of letters.

– You may use the “Folder Name” type of links with your username in it, or just “make short”. I prefer the later as it is shorter.

3. You will be given a choice of short links to use as you wish, they all work the same.

tracking tools

For this example I have: – –

You will notice in the second red frame that you have a code to track conversion. This code has to be placed on your “Thank You” page if you are collecting leads.

4. Verify that your new links work properly, check the stats.

tracking tools

Stats preview when the “Stats” link is hovered.

tracking tools

Detailed Statistics: You can see your main short URL at the top, but the stats are also for the 3 other short URLs you have. The destination URL shows also. At the bottom, you can see the clicks and where they come from.

With ViralURL, not only the URL is shortened, but also cloaked. This means that the original long link or affiliate link can’t be identified.

Why are this FREE tracking tools (shortener and cloaker) called ViralURL? It is called this way because your links will go viral. Let’s see a screenshot:

tracking tools

Click the image above to see the VialURL bar in action.

First you can see in the address bar that the link is cloaked, no way to know what the original link was. Secondly, you see that there is a “ViralURL” button on the bar at the left and a text link at the right. When people are viewing your page, they will be tempted by curiosity to click on these links that direct to the ViralURL Home Page. If they watch the video there and read what it is about, it is very likely that they will join, because “ViralURL“ has tracking tools that they need and it’s FREE!

These new sign-ups will be under you in your downline, and you will be able to email them your offers every 3 days, your list will build by itself. I have already experienced this and I am a free member. You use a link shortener and you build a list at the same time.

This is not all, if your free members decide to go for an upgrade in ViralURL for more functionality, you will get paid a commission. ViralURL will also make you money, not bad for free tracking tools.


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