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If you are one of Jerry Banfield’s follower or student, you will be glad to learn that you can now join the University of Jerry Banfield. For the past year, Jerry Banfield had all of his classes hosted with Skillshare and some others on Amazon Video.

Jerry’s motivation for creating the “University of Jerry Banfield” was to give all students a better user experience, and to be able to build relationships with them through a single platform. He will continue to upload classes on Skillshare, but the new school will be the main place for students to find all Jerry’s courses.

The University of Jerry Banfield

Platforms like Skillshare do not allow certain topics like classes about Udemy, for example, classes that do not teach a specific skill, and classes with video or audio they consider explicit content. Amazon Video also has restrictions on what you can show on the screen, URLs for instance can’t be displayed and that can be a problem teaching a class when students have to go to external content.

The new school is on Thinkific, which is an awesome platform for both the teacher and students with the possibility to create discount or free coupons that you will enjoy at the end of this blog post, after the video.

Jerry Banfield is also offering all his partners to become affiliates and earn from the sales of the courses in the “University of Jerry Banfield.” If you are a fan and would like to promote the school, you can become a partner, which entitles you with lots of other benefits.

Will you be the first to enroll in The University of Jerry Banfield?

Will you be the first to enroll in The University of Jerry Banfield?

Published on May 12, 2017

The University of Jerry Banfield is now open at Will you be the very first to enroll? To celebrate this new school, get free coupons to each existing class I add to the school from my library of 80+ courses!

As I add each class, I will switch the coupon links over to my new school instead of the current coupons which require a Skillshare free trial signup. If you would prefer to just have access to every class without having to manually enroll with 80+ free coupons and then pay for new classes, would you either subscribe monthly or buy lifetime access to every class I ever make which will have every new course added to it as I upload class to Thinkific?

When you want to launch your Thinkific hosted online video school, would you sign up using this link because you and I will both get a $50 credit towards your hosting costs? Skillshare students will still continue receiving the new courses that I am able to upload there, but will miss out on courses which I cannot upload due to Skillshare’s terms such as how to create courses on Udemy, classes with explicit language or subject matter, and any other classes not teaching a specific skill.

Thank you very much for continuing on this journey with me as I have asked you to sign up at so many different places and buy so many different products! I hope The University of Jerry Banfield will provide one destination for you that will meet all of your needs!

Free coupons for five courses in The University of Jerry Banfield

  1. Best Facebook Marketing and Advertising Class for 2017!
  2. Email Marketing with Udemy, Thinkific, MailChimp, LeadPages, Facebook Ads, and Google AdWords!
  3. Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube, Facebook, and iTunes with Wirecast and Buzzsprout!
  4. Cryptocurrency Investment and Retirement Planning with Bitcoin/Altcoins on Poloniex and Bitfinex!
  5. Speaker Meeting 2017.

Get more free coupons as they are added here:

The majority of the coupons on the page are still for classes on Skillshare that require a free trial, but new links will be posted as more courses are uploaded to the University of Jerry Banfield.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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