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University Student Jobs:

When I was a student, 30 years ago, my possibilities of working to earn money were very slim. I started at 16 years old working for an animal protection center during my summer break. In fact I was a volunteer and I gave my time taking care of the animals for free. I even had to pay for petrol to fill my motorcycle. It was great though as I loved dogs…

University Student Jobs

Later, at 18 years old, having a brand new driving license, and a 12 years old 104 Peugeot, I was able to travel to any place where I could work. I then worked again during 2 or 3 summer breaks in a fruit and vegetables store house to prepare the daily order of minimarts. It was great for a young guy, and that time I was paid!

Nowadays, with the Internet, there are much more possibilities for students to work, especially University student jobs. These are a few examples of work that can be done, not only during summer time but also at any time of the day during the academic year. These apply for students older than 18:

– Become a Freelance worker. Sign-up for a free account on and fill in your profile and resume. All kinds of easy work that can be done online is available on Odesk. Data-entry, web research, email support, customer support, personal assistant jobs are easy work you can do everyday to help finance your study. If you enjoy writing, you may apply to the many blog posts or articles jobs on offer. This is certainly better than wasting time chatting and posting on FaceBook with friends…

– If you are good in English and like writing you may also see This website is a platform to bring writers and publishers together. There are articles on different topics constantly needed to be written and you could pick one 5 minutes from now… Depending on how long it takes you to write an article, the pay per hour could be very nice, especially when you can do this work from home or from the local Starbuck.

I recommend these 2 services above because I have employed numerous people to help me in my daily Internet Marketing business. I love these 2 websites.

University Student Jobs

– Now, if you have a passion and like writing, what you need is a blog. Not any kind of blog, certainly not a Blogger blog, but a blog like this one. A blog that can turn a $5 blog post in a $50 monthly residual income. What is great is that you can write about anything your passion may be, get traffic and make sales. Make sales with any affiliate program you choose to promote or simply selling this same blogging system. How many of your friends would be interested by a blog like this?

The last option above is the best University student jobs if you want to produce residual income, which means not being paid per hour or piece of work, but being paid over and over again for content you have created and posted on your own viral blog. This option takes a bit more time to see results, but rewards will be much greater.

University student jobs are waiting for you.

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