Use the Power of Association to your Benefit


You can’t avoid being changed and resemble the people you are in contact with everyday. This is a fact.

If you hang out with friends that drink and get drunk, you’ll become like them. If you are in contact with co-workers who complain all the time, you’ll become like them. If you are broke and the only people you are in contact with are broke, you will stay broke.

The list goes on and on…

What works for negative things like shown above also work for positive things… so guess what… if you want to stop drinking, don’t be around drinkers, the same is valid if you don’t want to start… Get to know people who don’t drink and hang out with them.

If you want to work out at the gym everyday, get with people who want and do the same… and let Homer, the couch potato, alone.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, associate with successful entrepreneurs. You won’t succeed having being around friends who are contented with their 8-40 hours job.

There are around the world famous clubs that exist not only to network with other people, but also associate with people of your own kind. Why are rich people playing Golf? Maybe it’s a place for them to meet and associate with other rich people. They won’t find this at the pétanque club.

I am an Internet Entrepreneur, which is not an occupation lots of people are in, especially in the exotic country I am living in, and it’s difficult to meet people who are the same and who aspire to be the same. I then use the Internet, join groups and communities of entrepreneurs who have the same success drive I have.

Associating yourself with other people that are more successful than you are is a way to pull you up and help you achieve more. You can’t grow in life if you associate with people who go nowhere.

That does not mean that you look down on this people or that you are any better, that only means that your choice is to associate with people who are what you want to be.

Have a nice day!

Michel Gerard

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