Using the iPad as a GPS is Dangerous!


It started like a nice day trip to the province. Not too many cars on the road leaving Bangkok forSarabury. Our plan was to spend the day at ChockChai farm so my daughter Christina can see for real all the animals she has been seing in picture, or cartoon character.

Just a few minutes of ChockChai farm, we had a little car accident.

Hopefully, we were not hurt, nearly not feeling when the truck hit the back of the car, except for seeing the red broken glass flying in the air…

Using the iPad as a GPS is Dangerous!

I did not prepare the trip very well and did not look at a map before departing, letting my wife directing me while looking at the map on the iPad.

I can tell you now, that this method is not a good idea.

We first missed the spot and had to drive an extra 15 kilometers. Then, at the last minute I was informed to turn left, which I did without thinking of the truck I had overtook earlier and that was following us. I had to brake very hard to turn left and the truck couldn’t stop. I was tired, my judgment and attention was reduced.

This was totally my fault.

A lesson learned!

What impressed me, is that the truck driver did stop and came to check on us… Usually they don’t… the damages were not serious… or he was drunk!

The insurance guy came quickly and we were able to finally enjoy the day.

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