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Each time I log in my UVioO account there is more money waiting for me. There are different ways to earn money with UVioO, but it is mainly done by sharing videos on your social media sites. I am sharing videos mainly on FaceBook, Google + and Twitter when I feel like sharing videos. In less than a couple of month, I have earned $131.98 following the tips they give on their website.

UvioO is not my primary business and I spend little time promoting it. If you decide to promote it more seriously, say an hour per day, how much money could you earn? There are people who do no join because they do not see the potential and do not understand viral marketing. They also think they do not have enough friends, I have less than 500 on FaceBook myself!

Amounts you get when sharing Youtube videos on FaceBook are very small, but regular when you start. Earning $0.08, $0.12, $0.14 or $0.22 per day sharing videos does not seem that much, but when you share from Youtube directly you get no payment at all!

Those who become Pro and have the patience to wait for the videos to get viral can see then more money in their account, and when more people join UVioO after watching your videos, you earn more. And the beauty of this program is that if you have a main opportunity, each time you share a video, you promote your opportunity at the same time.

You Get paid to promote your opportunity!



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