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I have written a few posts about UVioO that is a “Make Money Online” program and wanted to reassure those who may think that they do not pay their members. I have been a member withUVioO for around 5 months and I have received payment from them.

How UVioO Pays You?

UVioO is a nice program that enables you to earn commissions when sharing Youtube videos via social media and most specially FaceBook.

As soon as you reach the $100 minimum required amount in commissions, a green button “Cash Out Page” appears and there you can start to cash out month by month. There is a delay of 45 days before you can cash out the amount you earned in any given month. The amount I earned in February will be available on April 15.

The check is sent by UVioO at the end of the month if your cash out balance is more than $100. If you are OK with the delay it takes for you to get payment and like to share videos like crasy, this program is for you. I know people that are crushing it with UVioO by sharing videos and screenshots of their fantastic results in FaceBook groups daily.


Now as you can see $111 is not much money for a first check, but the ball is rolling and checks are going to come in more regularly. A monthly $100 check is better than what you get when you share Youtube videos, which is nothing.

I personally do not share videos or recruit people in the program everyday because UVioO is not my main business Opportunity. I am sure that you can do better than I do.

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