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My ClickBank affiliate experience:

I have been a ClickBank affiliate for a very long time and has made some money playing around with it in the past. My Internet experience as an affiliate has been lately more with physical products than digital products, and affiliate management. This year, I decided to concentrate on digital products and I am promoting mainly the Empower Network’s products and Chris Farrell Membership on ClickBank.

I am not promoting all IM products I find on ClickBank or other Networks as I prefer to sell only the quality products I have bought and use. The best way to sell something in this niche is to own the product. This way you can truthfully recommend it through the experience you have with it. And you will get more results than just reviewing it from the sale letter.

Let me share with you a screen shot of a ClickBank affiliate report showing a payment I will receive by check next week.

ClickBank Affiliate

That’s a nice $329, collected in a few months without that much work at all. The program for which I earned this is “Chris Farrell Membership“. This Internet Marketing program taught me how to build a list and use squeeze pages, something I was not doing in my Internet business before. And the membership site is awesome, so I had no problem in promoting it confidently.

How to get results with ClickBank affiliate

What did I do to get these results?

– I registered a domain name: www.learninternetmarketingthisafternoon.com
– Used Chris Farrell’s squeeze page.
– Created a FaceBook Page: www.facebook.com/LearnInternetMarketingThisAfternoon
– Uploaded Chris Farrell’s auto-responder series to Aweber.
– Promoted via adverts, social media, and blogged (free traffic).
– Purchased 2 solo ads.
– Purchased some banner space.

When you decide to promote a product on ClickBank, you are given a tracking link and most of the time marketing tools and resources that are there to be used. When possible promote a product with recurring commissions, this way you work once and get paid every month.

My results:

My mailing list for this program has around 140 people and I got altogether 4 sign-ups. 1 person left the membership after a couple of month, 2 are long term members, and I got one recent member. The ClickBank affiliate program pays a 50% commission and will produce a residual income as long as the members stay in the program. As it is an excellent and affordable program people stay a long time.

Now, that I see the potential, I am going to promote Chris Farrell Membership more aggressively with paid advertising and I will be able to build my residual income for this program in addition of the other programs I promote. It is always good to have multi sources of income.

If you want to promote a ClickBank affiliate product, have a look at Chris Farrell Membershipand become a member. There is a Trial period at only $4.95 and if you start as a ClickBank affiliateright away and get 2 sales, your membership fee will be covered.

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