What’s Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams?


Would you like to know what’s best, Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams because this might be useful for you to decide in which direction you will go in your marketing online?

What's Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams?

What’s Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams?

If you are wondering which one, closed webinars or open live streams, is the best for your business online, Jerry Banfield has an answer for you. In his video he compares both options and after watching it you will have a clear idea of what will be best for your business.

Closed Webinars

If you are online looking for business opportunities, you might have already experienced signing-up for a closed webinar from a squeeze page asking for your email address. You then receive a confirmation email and the date and hours that you can join the webinar.

What’s Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams?

During the webinar, there is one or several speakers and other attendees that listen to a presentation. Usually, a problem with part of the solution is presented and you can ask questions. At the end, if you want the problem presented to be solved entirely, you will have to purchase something at, of course, a discounted price, only valid for the webinar. Be prepared to receive follow-up emails.

A lot of Internet marketers like this method because this is a way for them to make sales during the webinar and then build their mailing list.

This is a method that is not easy to do and be prepared at spending time and money to make and promote the webinar for most of the time disappointing results.

Open Live Streams

The other method is to do open live streams and this is what Jerry Banfield prefers doing even though he has done both.

The websites where you can do live streaming are Dlive, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Twitch, and if you have a studio and the equipment as Jerry does, then you can easily live stream on all of them at once.

What's Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams?

With open live streams everyone is welcome. The live stream on one or all the websites mentioned earlier can be something very useful that you give away for free to people watching the live stream live and you do not need to do a lot of marketing to have people see it.

You may send an email to your list, make a blog post for your followers and if they can’t attend live, then they will be able to watch it later at any time.

In his video, Jerry explains that there might be just a few people watching live, but months later, your video, if you live stream on YouTube can end up having hundred thousand views and thousands of likes.

That is an example of a live stream where just a few people watched live, but that has now 772,421 views.

What's Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams?

If you have a good description with links going back to your website, product or online courses, then you can make sales continuously, which is not the case with a closed webinar.

As Jerry Banfield says:

In my opinion, doing paid webinars or webinars that you have to sign up is a complete waste of time. When you have got a message that’s genuinely helpful to share with people, when you want to show someone how to do something, just put it out there for free.

You may want to read the blog post on Steemit, which is an edited transcript with screenshots of the video: Closed Webinars vs Open Live Streams!

Or you may watch the video below.

Closed Webinars vs Open Live Streams for Teaching and Selling?

Closed Webinars vs Open Live Streams for Teaching and Selling?

Published on June 11, 2018.

For earning the most money especially teaching online and selling courses, how do open live streams on websites like Dlive, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch compare to closed webinars with things like GoToMeeting or Zoom? I will show you and you can decide although to be honest I am way biased in favor of open sharing after having done both.

You may also watch the video on Dlive, the new live-streaming platform where you can get paid in Steem for your live streams.

What's Best: Closed Webinars or Open Live Streams?

This is Jerry Banfield’s Steemit blog: https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield

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