What a lazy Sunday!


My lazy Sunday:

What a lazy Sunday I am having! I just do not feel like doing anything, especially work… When this laziness arises, I usually try to direct the energy I have left doing useful activities. I started the day by watching one video in the Costa Rica Intensive course and read a couple of eBooks about how to use PLRs or Private Label Right products. There is always something to learn on a lazy Sunday.

lazy dog

As I have developed the habit to write a blog post a day, I won’t fail and here it is. You could go somewhere you may say? I could, but as my wife has a cold we are to stay all day long at home… We were supposed to use my brother in law’s truck to go to her school where she has worked for 3 years, and just resigned, to collect a few items. Maybe we will do that later today.

For those who are reading my blog, you may know that she has been conducting part time an eCommerce site selling baby clothes to the Thai market. She is going full time now as her income has considerably grown. It does not make sense to work for someone else anymore. She can now enjoy working from home on her own hours and enjoy being with Christina, our 3 years old daughter.

New shelves for eCommerce business
Behind the scene of an eCommerce Site

My lazy Sunday

Even if it is a lazy Sunday I intend to do a few things at home. I have a few shelves to finish for the shop and a cupboard door that my daughter broke to repair… Having a young child at home means a few things get broken and have to be fixed.

This kind of activity is great to cut the routine and your mind can be set free during that time. No way I will just lay on the coach doing nothing, I just can’t do that, and I need to be occupied all the time. Maybe I am a bit hyperactive?

Anyways, how many of you wish there would be more days like this lazy Sunday?

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