What Are Private Label Rights?


PLR or Private Label Rights:

This morning I received an email from a top Internet Marketer I have been following for a while and bought products from. The email was titled “457 PLR Products for 1 Small Price” and as I trust this marketer who is always sending out good stuff, I checked out the offer, which is quite outstanding. For those unfamiliar with the term, what does PLR stands for? The answer is Private Label Rights.

Before I go into more details on what you can do with PLRs or Private Label Rights products, I’d like you to watch the video below, which explain perfectly what they are.

Uploaded on Sep 6, 2008.
What is Private Label Rights Content?

In this video, you’ll learn how to buy quality content with private label rights so you can custom brand PLR products and make money with little effort.

Source: Ronnie Nijmeh’s Youtube Channel

Visit Ronnie Nijmeh’s site here: PLR.me

There are different kinds of Private Label Rights products: eBooks, audios, videos, training courses, software, screen savers, wall papers, graphics, photos, articles, music, WordPress plugins…

There are also different levels of quality in PLR products. Unfortunately, a lot are of very low quality made of recycled content or full of inaccurate information, grammatical and spelling mistakes.

In order to find the best deals you have to do your homework and search for Private Label Rights products made by real experts with a good reputation in the field you buy the PLR.

In Internet marketing for example, I have purchased several IM video courses made by Paul Counts, who is a very experienced Internet Marketer. I know that his products are of high quality and I am confident to resell them with my name on them. These quality Private Label Rights video training courses are also more expensive.

The trick is to wait for a mega sale and get lots of Private Label Rights products for very little. This happens a few times in a year and when the opportunity is there, it’s better to buy than being sorry. The price of these mega sales are usually a fraction of the price if you had to buy them individually. And I am going to buy this mega package in self-development made by Edmund Lob & Khai Ng two Asian experts in the field.

What Can You Do With Private Label Rights

Now that you know what PLR or Private Label Rights are, let’s see what you can do with them. Each PLR product has a license that lists what you can and can’t do with the product. The PLR creator is the person who set the license terms and you have to stay within those terms that are different for each PLR product.

Mostly you can:

– use the products for personal use and learn from them.

– put your name on the products as the author!

– edit the content, change the eCover, re-title the products, and include your own affiliate links!

– break the eBook content down to articles for your viral article submissions, blogs or even newsletter!

– sell the products, individually or in a package at any price you wish!
(for some products there is a minimum amount given to keep the product’s value)

– add the products into your free or/and paid membership site.

– use the products as a bonus to another product you are selling!

– include these products into a paid package and sell at a higher price!

– sell the products through auction sites like eBay.

– give the final products away as a lead magnet to build your list and give value to your subscribers.

– change and publish the products offline!

And you mostly can’t resell or give away the source files.

You can resell or use these Private Label Rights products as is or modify them as you wish. You do not have any excuses now not to start your online business…

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