What Are the Best SEO Tactics for 2014?


Best SEO tactics:

SEO is constantly evolving and as I am writing this article Google is making changes to their algorithm. Each time there is such a change, you can notice that the ranking of your site is getting worse and that your competition’s sites are winning in ranking without you understanding what’s going on. “What is the best SEO tactic?” you are wondering.

I have a site that went from position 2 to position 10 for a specific keyword and after analyzing the winning competition in Market Samurai, there is no obvious clue why they are winning. They do not have lots of back-links or have low quality back-links, they are not great sites, they do not have better PR, and they are very recent. They enjoy a better ranking and some should not be there at all… Looking for the best SEO tactics for the site is now necessary.

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I built 4 new back-links for the site I mention above: one on a PR 2 website, one on a PR 2 .org blog, one on a PR 1 blog, and one on this blog with PR 0 but excellent Alexa rank. The site went from position 10 to 9 shortly after. This shows that quality and natural back-linking still work. After the Google update is completely done, the site may bounce back to the third or fourth position, and the bad apples removed from the page. Let’s wait and see!

Best SEO Tactics for 2014

Expert SEO Josh Bachynski discusses the best SEO tactics for 2014 in his Youtube Video. According to him, and I agree, back-links are getting less importance, so it is useless to build thousands on low quality sites. If you want to know what SEO to stop doing and which one to start doing, watch the video below.

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Basically the best SEO to start doing is building a presence in the 4 main Social Media platforms, which are Google +, FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin. The profiles have to be completed with good user interaction. If you have not started with Google +, it is time for obvious reasons.

The design, navigability and usability of the site is becoming more important. Are the users finding what they want on your site? Are they interacting on your site via commenting, liking, +ing, sharing, etc…? These are going to be the best SEO metrics that the Google algorithm will use to rank your site.

If you have been using black-hat SEO, it is time to stop as Google will be able to find all the fake links and your site will be impacted negatively. Be also on the alert for negative SEO that your competitors may use against you in creating a bunch of very low quality links pointing to your site. Hopefully, if this happens Google has a webmaster tool you can use to disallow these bad links.

For those who like Social Media this is a very interesting time and the best SEO tactic for 2014 and beyond.

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