What are your New Year resolutions?


Now is the last day of year 2013 and it is time for everyone to see what has been achieved and if overall it was a good year or not. It is also a time to make new resolutions and start the new year with goals to attain in 2014.

What are your New Year resolutions?

For most people it might be health related like stop smoking, start exercising, eating more healthy food and less junk food. It might also be business related like doing a better job for career advancement or starting a business on your own. Less selfish individuals may want to help others more or give more to charity.

Why are New Year resolutions broken?

This might simply be because we have expressed a desire and expect a miracle. Only goals back-up by a plan of action can lead successfully to achieving resolutions. Most people like the will and the faith to follow through and resolutions are quickly abandoned.

New year resolutions are more a cultural thing as if the New Year can’t be welcome without making them. What do you think?

Happy New Year 2014!

Michel Gerard

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