What Internet Business Opportunity Should You Choose?


Internet Business Opportunity:

I had lunch today with a good friend of mine who wants to start making money online to get an extra income. As most people who usually surf the net for pleasure, he did not know much on how to make money online or what kind of Internet business opportunity to join. He also was not sure of what he would be able to do and concerned about the necessary budget needed each month to run the business.


If you are reading this post and have the same kind of questions, let me tell you that there are many ways to make money online… you just have to find one way that suits you. If you are not an experienced Internet marketer you have much less options as I am sure you do not want to spend 2 years learning all the ropes before you can make any money. Hopefully there are options for newbies.

As an affiliate manager for consumer products I have seen lots of independent affiliate marketers making very little money, or not at all, placing affiliate links on their website or blog. Most of the time, they do not have enough visitors, the offer is not well positioned on the site or unrelated to their audience. Only professional affiliates with many niche sites or authority sites make a decent income with affiliate programs or even Adsense.

So, what’s for the newbie who want to start earning money while learning to market online? The answer is joining an Internet Business Opportunity. By just doing this you get a business in a box that you can start immediately with a very low learning curve and investment. Usually there is a system and training in place so you can start making money very quickly if you take proper action.

Internet Business Opportunity

Now, what Internet business opportunity am I recommending? The answer is Big Idea Mastermind.

I am no longer promoting the Empower Network 's products and business opportunity! Click here to know more.


Big Idea Mastermind is a group of well-minded people who learn and help each others to progress online in order to achieve a common goal of making a minimum of $5,000 per month on the Internet. Super Internet marketer Vick Strizheus is the mastermind behind BIM and he has himself tested his system before it was released and has made a huge amount of money in a very short time.

Big Idea Mastermind uses the Empower Network’s products and compensation plan and this is what you get at the BIM Basic Level:

  • Ability to earn $25 per sale (monthly recurring)
  • Empower Network blogging platform
  • Big Idea Mastermind Automated Marketing System
  • BIM Success Coaching
  • BIM Internet Marketing Mastery

What is the cost of starting this Internet Business Opportunity?

The cost to join is $25 per month to join BIM/Empower Network. There is a $19.90 per month to become an affiliate and resell the Empower Network’s products at 100% commission with an eWallet. You will need an auto-responder, and the cost will start at $15 per month up to 1,000 subscribers. Basic training is available in the Empower Network and BIM. Coaching and mastermind group available if you join through this link: JOIN NOW

Total investment per month to get started: $59.90

Not sure if you want to join Big Idea Mastermind now?

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