What is the Best Blogging Platform?


Best blogging platform: “Blog Beast”:

There are several blogging systems on the Internet that you can install on your own server or directly use online. WordPress is the most popular platform because it has lots of themes and plugins available for the end-user. I really considered WordPress the best blogging platform until now with the release of the “Blog Beast“ due on 11 October 2013.

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Best Blogging Platform – What It Can Do!

If you are a blogger you really need to have a look at this game-changing platform that will allow you to blog not only from your computer, but also your iPhone and iPad or any other smart mobile device. An application will be available to post your text, photos and even videos directly into your blog. No need to upload your photos or videos to an external service, get the code, embed it in the blog… This will be history.

With the “Blog Beast” you will also be able to create multiple blogs and attach a separate domain name to each of them if you desire so. You will be able to make public or private posts to other bloggers in the Network. This could be compared to a kind of social blogging system where you can interact with others.

The “Blog Beast” will be the best blogging platform around for many years to come. It will completely change the way people are blogging. It will be awesome! Not only this new platform called ENV2 will bring blogging to the masses, but it will make bloggers money too.


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